In addition to his consulting engagements, Prakash has leveraged his rich industry experience to publish case studies and reports on topics of interest. These are a result of extensive research and close interactions that he had with his industry colleagues and associates over the years.

Application of Porter’s Five Forces Model in the BPM Industry

– a case study that he has co-authored with Professor Dhotre of Vishwakarma Institute of Management, Pune.

Published in
MERC Global’s International Journal of Management
Case-Study-BPM.pdf (49 downloads)

Study of ‘Intrapreneurship’ in Small and Medium Enterprises in the Manufacturing Sector

This was a project report submitted to Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta and was a part of his program on Leadership & Management.

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Podcast on Marketing –

Listen to Prakash Raje in conversation with Rick Grant from RGA Public Relations, where Prakash talks about ‘The essence of Marketing’.