Prakash Raje
Prakash is the founder of ACTINS. He is an is an astute professional with 25+ years of experience in B2B Sales & Marketing in Outsourcing/Off-shoring, Capital Equipment & Industrial Products across International & Domestic Markets.  His core areas of expertise include Strategic & Tactical Planning, Sales & Marketing, Social Media, and Partnerships & Alliances.

He is a Mechanical Engineer with post graduate qualifications in Marketing Management and is a Certified Hoot Suite Professional. His interest in the field of quality led to certification of Six Sigma Black Belt from American Society for Quality and also a Black Belt Program Qualification from the Six Sigma Management Institute of Dr. Mikel J. Harry. He regularly interacts with MBA students and faculty to share practical industry insights.

Prakash is interested in wellness and likes to practice Yoga and Meditation. He is an avid reader of books on business, management and philosophy. He has represented his school and college in elocution, debates and dramatics, winning several awards. In his spare time, he likes to trek in the hills and forests.
Evan Mulch
Evan is a business associate with ACTINS. He is a very active entrepreneur and an effective leader. His most successful business, True Phase Solutions, was launched shortly after reading two books called ‘The World Is Flat’ and ‘The 4 Hour Workweek’. He realized after reading those two books that many business opportunities exist through international connections. He has since been able to grow True Phase Solutions where it is now able to perform multiple services that can usually not be handled by small businesses.

Evan hopes to grow True Phase Solutions to being one of the top business solution groups in the world. He has a passion for helping entrepreneurs improve their businesses by helping them with services that are essential to business growth.

He has been married to his college sweetheart, Jennifer Keiner, for nearly four years. She is currently the tennis coach at Converse College and previously worked as the assistant tennis coach at the University of Cincinnati. They have two dogs, Ginger a Shih Tzu and Bailey a King Charles Spaniel. They have lived in South Carolina since the summer of 2011 and have thoroughly enjoyed their time there so far. Evan is originally from Scott City, Kansas and Jennifer is originally from Las Vegas, New Mexico.
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